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How can a foreigner invest in Bulgaria?
Foreign investment assumes the following forms: a joint venture with existing registrated already companies; a company due to privatization; a new venture.

Is the amount of foreign investitions in companies limited?

Which are the most popular types of business organizations with foreign investment?
The most common form of organization for foreign investors is the limited liability company. Other types are general partnership, limited partnership, joint stock company, sole proprietorship, joint venture, branch, holding, cooperatives, representative office.. Limited liability companies, unlimited partnerships, public limited companies, limited partnerships, holdings and cooperatives are legal entities. Branches and representations are not independent legal entities: branches may engage in economic activities, they have their own property and compile a separate balance sheet; representations may not engage in economic activities.

Who and how is able to obtain property rights over real estate in Bulgaria?
Foreign citizens and foreign legal entities may acquire ownership title over buildings and limited ownership rights over property in Bulgaria.

Can foreign citizens acquire ownership rights over land in Bulgaria?
Due to a constitutional interdiction, foreign individuals can not own land. Nevertheless, the Foreign Investment Law removed the restrictions on acquisition of land by locally-registered companies with foreign participation. By setting up or joining a company incorporated under the Bulgarian legislation, foreigners can acquire full land ownership rights including ownership rights on agricultural land.

What are the guarantees for foreign investment in Bulgaria?
Priority of International Treaties. National Treatment. Legal Guarantees against Adverse Changes in the Law - the provisions of the Law which have been effective at the moment of making the investment, should be applied for any foreign investment executed before the changes of the legislation setting up legal normative restrictions for the foreign investment.. Protection Against Expropriation - real estate property owned by a foreign person can be expropriated only on lawful grounds, for especially important purposes of the State that can not be satisfied otherwise.

Can I purchase the property I like ONLINE without having to come to Bulgaria?
Generally, we could recommend our customers to visit Bulgaria and walk through the property they have chosen. If for any reason, however, you can't arrange your coming to Bulgaria, we will assist your ONLINE purchase by providing pictures and detailed description of the property. If your wish, prior to preparing the required documents relating to your company registration and writing up ownership transfer documents we can arrange an expert assessment of the property you have chosen to be made for you by an independent assessor.

What are the services and fees of CBP HOMES?
1/ To find the right property for you
2/ To provide you a FREE legal advice
3/ To negotiate the price for you for FREE
4/ To settle all necessary contracts, documents, taxes and registrations
5/ To help you manage your new property
6/ To find the best meintenance
7/ To support and help you have a pleasent stay in Bulgaria
8/ Our commission is 3% only!
Purchasing a property above 75,000 euro, you will have the registration of your company, legal advice and our laywers' support FREE OF CHARGE!


1 EUR = 1.95583 LV

1 GBP = 2.19539 LV

1 USD = 1.77191 LV

1 RUB = 0.0277801 LV

1 DKK = 0.262817 LV

1 SEK = 0.19719 LV


BULGARIA: Real Estate Investor Activ Properties Posts Q2 Profit Of BGN 0.46 mln

Bulgarian real estate investment trust Activ Properties reported an Q2 profit of BGN 459 000, up from BGN 30 000 at end-2005. The upside came from the sale of 4.5 ha of land in the Plovdiv area for BGN 905 000, said executive director Dilyan Panev .



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